Vidya Mitru®


Vidya Mitru® is a complete comprehensive campus management software product which demystifies the campus administrative tasks and student academic learning tasks.

Why Campus management system?

Manual Process

Prone to error due to manual
Time consuming and delayed process
Attrition can cause stress on management
Tough to audit
Gaps can be difficult to detect and thus hampers improvement
High investment and mediocre result

Technology Enabled

Process driven, easy management & flawless
Real time and quick
Completely Organized
Accuracy in audit
Gaps are easily detected and can be fixed
Invest moderate and yield high result

What does Vidya Mitru® offer?

Key Benefits

  • Great relief for Institute management and faculty
  • Moving with the technology of managing the campus activities
  • Low cost and high productivity
  • Comprehensive online reporting from anywhere
  • Strengthening parents trust and relationship with the institute
  • Helps achieve optimization

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