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Cyber Security Services

We provide end-to- end advisory, protection and monitoring services to safeguard your enterprise against cyber attacks and internal malicious behaviour.

Today’s cyber security challenge ?

  • Cyber attacks is doubling year after year.
  • Data breach
  • Challenge to protect Intellectual property
  • Criminals intent on monetary gain
  • Keeping hackers away

Impacts if not guarded:

  • Compromise on confidentiality, integrity and information
  • Cybertheft or cyberespionage can result in exfiltration of financial, proprietary, or personal information from which the attacker can benefit, often without the knowledge of the victim

Our Offering in Cyber Security Space:

  • Security Assessment
    • Operational and Administration security controls
    • Network and System Vulnerability Assessment
    • Security Design Analysis
  • Email Security
  • End Point Security
  • Network Security
  • Content Security
  • Compliance reporting ( PCI, DSS, HIPAA etc)
  • Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Protecting the data center from cyber attacks
  • Ransomware solutions to protect your critical data
  • Protection and Security monitoring services
  • Security Devices Management ( Firwall, IDS, IPS)
  • SIEM ( Security Information & Event Management) Support and Management

We understand the complexity of today's security challenges and have the acumen and framework to address today's cyber threats.

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